As we promised, we bring to your attention patch 1.1 for the article Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2023. This material includes games that the author missed last time, or whose status has changed since the publication of the previous article.

The first material contained 33 Ukrainian games of 2023, patch 1.1. adds 10 more games to the list. Thanks to the developers who reminded us about their projects.

CosmoOdyssey 2: Comeback to Origin

Developer Brenntkopf Studio Kharkiv
Genre cooperative arcade
Release date February 17, 2023

This is the continuation of the comedy adventure CosmoOdyssey: Trip to Mars from Kharkiv developers from Brenntkopf Studio Kharkiv. As in the first part, the game has an impressive poetic Ukrainian voiceover, a link to the present and a calm gameplay that parodies numerous agricultural simulators.

Interestingly, this is the third game from Brenntkopf Studio Kharkiv that has been released on Steam in the last six months. In addition to the two CosmoOdysseys, the authors also released an adventure game about the alternative history of Ukraine and Cossack mysticism The Molfar: Call of the Heart.


Developer Marginalact
Genre action/RPG
Release date February 17, 2023

A very strange RPG from the productive indie developer Marginalact (three games in 2022, two more during the first months of 2023). You have to play as a sweet cupcake (don’t ask), whose characteristics change depending on the filling, i.e. the organs it puts inside of itself. For example, if you remove one eye, you will see a smaller area of the screen.

Bakeborough was released in Steam Early Access and costs only UAH 50.


Developer Marginalact
Genre action/RPG
Release date March 6, 2023

Another weird surreal pixel survival RPG from Marginalact that builds on Bakeborough’s ideas. You play as a frog that can eat opponents, absorbing their abilities and mutating them. Frogvival, like Bakeborough, is out on Steam Early Access.

Speed Crew

Developer Wild Fields
Genre cooperative arcade
Release date June 6, 2023

Cooperative arcade for Nintendo Switch in the spirit of Overcooked in a car racing setting. The player or players need to quickly repair racing cars and release them on the track, coordinating actions with other players or AI partners and avoiding various obstacles. Judging by the trailer, it should be fun.

Speed Crew will be available on Nintendo Switch from June 6, 2023, and the game is scheduled to be released on Windows PC, Playstation and Xbox before the end of 2023.


Developer VogaVoga
Genre third-person shooter
Release date July 2023

The third-person shooter eXecutor was released on Steam Early Access in November 2022, but in July 2023, the developers, with only three people working on the game, hope to make it to release.

According to the plot, some ancient battle robots captured a small island and began to repair each other and build new ones. You, as a Special Operation Forces fighter, need to regain control over the territory. According to the authors, in the development they were inspired by such games as Call of Duty4, Delta Force and Airborne Ranger.

Currently, eXecutor has only 2 hours of gameplay, but the developers are actively updating the project and adding new content to it.

Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories

Developer Red Mountain Games, Ritual Interactive
Genre tactical shooter
Release date summer 2023

Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories is a tactical shooter that aims to be the spiritual successor to the legendary Police Quest / SWAT game series. Why not, the last normal game in the series, SWAT 4 from the legendary Irrational Games was released back in 2005. Yes, we already have one successor, it’s Ready or Not from the Irish studio VOID Interactive, but why can’t Ukrainians do it too?

As in SWAT 4, you control a special police unit and have to neutralize dangerous criminals, release hostages, make arrests, etc. Planning is the key to a successful operation, so listen carefully to briefings and watch every step. Realistic weapons, armor and various police gadgets are included.

Both single-player, where you give orders to an AI partner, and co-op play are supported.

Interestingly, the authors originally developed a sci-fi third-person shooter about robots Fusion, but that project seems to have been frozen in favor of Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories.

The authors plan to release it in Steam Early Access in the summer of 2023. And we plan to interview them in the near future.

Silent Harbor

Developer PimpGameStudio
Genre horror, adventure
Release date IV quarter 2023

Immersive first-person detective horror. This is a story about a man who is looking for his wife lost at sea and ends up on a strange and very gloomy island with a small town on it. The hero must communicate with the locals, explore the island, look for evidence and solve puzzles.

The authors assure that Silent Harbor has many different endings, each launch of the game will add something new, and the adventures will be unique for each player. Sounds interesting.


Developer Myttsi Zabav
Genre arcade
Release date 2023

A rather complex arcade in the “run and shoot” genre, which tells the course of the current russian-Ukrainian war. Deputinization has nice pixel graphics and stylized 8-bit music inspired by Ukrainian folk melodies. Of course, all the internet memes that this war spawned are in the game.

Heralds of the Avirentes

Developer TellerySpyro_GTX
Genre visual novel, role-playing game
Release date 2023

Heralds of the Avirentes is a visual novel in a crystal fantasy setting. The heroes of the om’verai game are dragon-like creatures with their own language, traditions, and culture. The plot develops from the face of the young om’verai girl Azaries Amnera. By the will of fate, she finds herself involved in events, on the course of which depends the revelation of the secrets of her family, the life of the om’verai species and the whole world.

One of the main features of the game is a step-by-step combat system based on elements that are not usually typical of the visual novel genre.

Heralds of the Avirentes is developed by brothers Yevhenii and Oleksii Antonov from Zhytomyr and they were clearly inspired by the world of games about the dragon Spyro. The authors plan to release in Steam Early Access in 2023.

Sich Tactics

Developer Gard Interactive
Genre tactical strategy
Release date 2023

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2023. Patch 1.1 (+10 games)

A small tactical strategy about Cossacks fighting various and colorful evil forces from Ukrainian folklore on procedurally generated maps.

The game is developed by the Gard Interactive team, which already has an interesting text-based bureaucratic detective Field Hospital: Dr. Taylor’s Story. Work on Sich Tactics is slow, but the authors hope to release the game by the end of 2023. Unfortunately, the project does not have a trailer yet.

We are almost 100% sure that we missed some of the Ukrainian games for PC and consoles that will be released in 2023. So patch 1.2. is inevitable, but most likely already at the end of the year. And the next material, if the author, of course, is not swamped with the number of projects, will be dedicated to Ukrainian games that will be released in 2024-2025.