The AI revolution has created a host of tools designed to improve productivity and change the usual work processes. In this article, we will talk about new artificial intelligence tools in the categories of audio and video, design, content, and image cleaning. And, of course, without the well-known MidJourney and ChatGPT.

AI for copywriting and content creation An artificial intelligence tool for creating texts that increase conversion. Thanks to advanced algorithms, it can write sales pages, blog posts, ads, and more in minutes.

CopyMonkey: AI tool to build Amazon listings in seconds. It offers a set of tools to automate your Amazon business, from keyword research to copywriting.

Ocoya: An artificial intelligence tool for creating and scheduling social media content. Makes it easy to schedule and publish social media posts so you can focus on what’s really important: engaging with your audience.

Unbounce Smart Copy: AI tool for writing highly effective cold emails at scale. Helps you write emails that get opened, clicked, and replied to so you can focus on other pressing tasks.

Puzzle: An artificial intelligence tool to build a knowledge base for your team and customers. It offers a universal platform for creating, managing, and sharing information and knowledge so you can improve collaboration, reduce support requests and improve customer service.

Inkforall: The tool with artificial intelligence is designed to increase productivity when working with text content. It offers a set of tools to help you write high-quality content faster, optimize it for search engines, and measure its performance so you can make data-driven decisions.

AI for working with audio and video

VoicePen AI: It converts audio content into blog posts, making it easy for companies and individuals to create written content from recorded conversations and lectures. The service supports 96 audio recognition languages, but only converts to English text.

Krisp: removes background noise, echoes, and even voices, allowing users to have clear, professional audio conversations from anywhere. The application works in real time, and will not be able to help in processing already recorded audio.

Cleanvoice: does everything the same as the previous AI, but for recorded audio.

Beatoven: AI, for creating royalty-free music, which allows companies and individuals to add unique, original music to their projects without the hassle of licensing.

Soundraw: An original music creation tool, a simple, intuitive way to create and publish your own music.

Vidyo: An AI tool to create short videos from long content, allowing companies and individuals to share their messages in a more engaging and visual way. It will help to make content for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram from one video.

Otter: Your personal secretary – this artificial intelligence tool is designed to record conversations in real-time. Currently, only English recognition is supported.

AI for design

Flair: An artificial intelligence tool for branded content that makes it easy to create graphics and design elements.

Illustroke: An AI tool for creating vector images from text prompts, making it easy for designers to create custom graphics and images for their projects.

Patterned: An AI design pattern tool that allows companies and individuals to add unique, eye-catching patterns to their projects without the hassle of creating them from scratch.

Stocking: An artificial intelligence tool for creating stock photos that makes it easier for companies and individuals to find and use high-quality images in their projects.

Looka: An AI-powered tool for designing your brand, giving companies and individuals a simple, intuitive way to create a brand identity.

AI for working with images

DALL-E 2: This is an advanced AI image generator developed by OpenAI, the same team that created GPT-4, one of the best natural language machine learning algorithms. Just type in your text and Dall-E 2 will create a series of images based on your text. You can use it to create illustrations, and product designs and generate new business ideas.

Civitai: This tool is a hub for storing generated images. Here, artists, engineers, and data scientists can share models, tutorials, and resources to take the art of artificial intelligence to the next level.

Cleanup: AI tool for removing objects, defects, people or text from images. It’s a simple yet powerful solution for photo editors, photographers, and marketers who want to save time and effort when cleaning up their images.