Fellas or NAFO (North Atlantic Fella Organization) not only received an official thanks from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for their contribution to the fight against Russian propaganda, but they will soon have their own Fella Game. It is created by Ukrainian developer Serhiy, an active participant in the NAFO movement with the nickname S K 🇺🇦 to raise funds for the Armed Forces.

A Ukrainian developer is creating a game about NAFO – Fella Game

“I started working on this project because I wanted to find a way to maintain my mental health. Stop checking the news every 5 minutes and not looking for a way to fill your brain during air alarm. After posting a few updates on my Twitter, I realized that other people might be interested. From that moment, I started thinking about how to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of this project. This is my main goal at the moment, it is what pushes me forward,” says Serhiy.

The development of the game began on July 28, the author chose the Metroidvania genre for it, when the character gets some new abilities and thanks to this can advance further. Just as our armed forces receive new weapons and liberate the country, the developer notes.

Fella Game is being developed using the Godot Engine, which Serhiy admits he “had not seen with his own eyes” before starting work on the project.

“I needed something to occupy my brain, so I found a hobby for myself after work, I do this project exclusively in the evenings,” says the author.

In addition to the Godot Engine, Sprite is used to draw pixel graphics, which the developer also did not have experience in before.

A Ukrainian developer is creating a game about NAFO – Fella Game

If you look more closely at the game, you can see a lot of references to various memes. So, for example, after defeating an enemy, a sunflower blooms in its place, and the player receives a significant number of points for this. Some memes are more famous, some are less. For example, few people are familiar with this:

Music is very important for any game. It was suggested to be written for Fella Game by one of the Twitter users.

“When he asked me what I wanted – I just said I wanted some kind of national 8-bit theme. And he did a brilliant thing, because the music that sounds in the game is actually hopak,” says Serhiy.

Currently, the game, or rather the geometry of the map, is about 40-50% complete, but the developer admits that he still has a lot of interesting ideas, so if we talk about the total volume, then about 25% of the game is ready now. Serhiy plans to add 3-4 different enemies, 4 bosses, and 3 visually different locations.

A Ukrainian developer is creating a game about NAFO – Fella Game

Due to the fact that one person is engaged in the development of the project, and even in his free time from the main work, it may take several months to complete it.

The alpha version of the game can now be tried at this link. And the author writes about all the updates in a separate thread on Twitter.

For now, Serhiy plans to make the game free for everyone and available through the website. The only monetization, most likely, will be voluntary charitable contributions to the Come Back Alive foundation. People who send a screenshot of their contribution to the game creator will be able to enter the end credits of Fella Game.