Photos depicting the naked human body or parts of it are not new to the Internet, there are millions of such photos. There are many sites where you can make money by posting your nude photos and videos for money. However, never in history, nudes have been used as a means of supporting their country’s armed forces. The idea to raise money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine with nude photos came from Twitter and was called Teronlyfans from a combination of “territorial defense” and the famous service Onlyfans. It was invented by Nastya @RG_Simple from Ukraine and Nasta @evrlstng_winter from Belarus. We talked to Nastya to found out how this initiative came about and how it works.

How did the idea of Teronlyfans come about?

This idea came by chance, rather, it is a joke that has grown into such a large-scale movement. It all started with my friend Nasta, a girl from Belarus, but a life and soul long ago Ukrainian. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, while on vacation in Zagreb, she tried to take her friend out of Kharkiv, looking for a car via Twitter to bring him to somewhere more safe place.

However, despite the large audience that she had thanks to video games, everyone was reposting, commenting, but she didn’t find a car. In a joke, she desperately commented that “whoever finds a car will get nudes from me”. The car was found in 5 minutes 🙂 And we started joking that it was some kind of Teronlyfans. And a few days later, when we were able to meet, we decided that this way we can help many people. So, when someone writes to her, “Let’s drop you money” we answer “You better help our army so that we return home sooner, for that, we give you nudes”. That evening I painted our logo, avatars, and the movement began.

$182 000 on nudes: how girls and boys from Teronlyfans raise money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers

How many people are involved in the project and have there been any cases of fraud?

There were only two of us at the start. I am Nastya from Kyiv, and she is Nasta from Belarus. Now there are more than 30 of us, including boys, about 6 boys, models and just girls eager to help.

We have a so-called “list of bad people”. Some are written in pencil, some with a red pen. These are the ones who tried to get photos from all the workers in one go, who forged the receipts, making them with actual date. So all the boxes are checked then to identify such moments that we could have missed accidentally 🙂

How is everything arranged?

When it comes to process management, it’s been more to me lately. Nasta has a main job, and Teronlyfans takes a lot of time. We have rules for both those who “work” and for donors, and we ask that they not be ignored. Each of the participants (who are not anonymous) accepts donations, sends them to me for checking, and only then dumps the nudes. I regulate photo repetitions, I also send my photos, answer questions… Such an SMM during the war. For now, anyone who agrees with the rules can join.

Will Teronlyfans have a separate website?

Our main goal is Twitter, in the Telegram only a collection of information about us on our channel, rules, funds that we support. The site is under development, but it will also be more of a platform to learn who we are 🙂

How to find project participants?

You should use the hashtag, we do not yet have a site where there will be links to Twitter accounts of all our non-anonymous participants. On Twitter, they repost and writes that they are part of the Theronlyfans. We check whether they work properly and not to issue their photos 🙂

How to transfer money for Teronlyfans?

You send a message to the selected participant directly, to ask for current details. This is important because we focus on small proven initiatives, as well as a resource for small tasks such as a delivery of a pair of bulletproof vests in a particular place. Therefore, we want to cover the needs not only of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also of certain groups of people.

How much money have you already raised?

Today (this is the 20th day since the emergence of Teronlyfans) about 5.4 million Ukrainian hryvnias (about $182 000). This is not only for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “Come Back Alive” fund and the Shelter Foundation. We also help smaller organizations. Fundraising for the treatment of horses near Kyiv, zoos, making body armor, etc.

Are there any plans to continue working on Teronlyfans after the victory?

No, this so-called action has a clear deadline. “The action lasts until Putin’s death” (c) and then ceases to exist. If we win, we will return home and help rebuild the country, support it by working economically for it. There will be plenty of charitable funds without us.