Among the many recent announcements by Apple, a new feature of the Xcode 16 development environment – Predictive Code Completion – was barely noticeable. But with it, another interesting thing became apparent. This is what XDA writes about.

The new feature is not available for iMacs and most Mac minis with 8GB of RAM. Predictive coding technology in Xcode 16 requires a minimum of 16 GB of RAM. Indirectly, this is an admission from Apple that 8 GB of memory is not really enough for a new Mac in 2024.

There are several new features and changes in the Xcode 16 beta, and predictive code completion is one of the most interesting. This feature predicts what code you might need next, suggesting code completion before you go to manually write a line of code.

According to the company, it works with a machine learning model created for Swift and the Apple SDK. All data used remains on the device. The technology will work offline, even without access to the Internet. Also, the new feature will work only on Mac computers with proprietary M-series chips.

This is the first time that Apple has clearly outlined a tangible limitation of basic Mac models with 8 GB of RAM.