Not all top players have shown their own big language models and updated virtual assistants that are their faces yet. In particular, Amazon is reported to present AI-powered Alexa in August this year. This was reported by The Verge.

The improved Alexa will be able to fulfill several requests at once, for example, write an email and order food from Uber Eats. Users will not need to constantly say “Alexa” when addressing the assistant. The assistant will also monitor user habits and create various automations. For example, it can turn on the coffee machine when the alarm goes off. Alexa will also help with shopping (which is not surprising). You can ask “what gloves are best for climbing” and you will get options for purchase.

However, many of these innovations will be available only by subscription. Rumor has it that it will cost from $5 to $10 per month. The free version of Alexa will remain, but it will offer significantly fewer generative AI features.

Amazon has been testing some of the generative AI features for some time now. The company also offers Rufus, a shopping assistant that can answer questions about various items on Amazon.