Bugatti’s new hypercar is ready. It has a lot of revolutionary and at the same time a lot of traditional. After all, the Bugatti Tourbillon is a hybrid with an atmospheric engine!

So, Bugatti has abandoned the W16 engine with a bunch of turbines. But not from its own design traditions. The Bugatti Tourbillon hypercar is still adorned with the signature “horseshoe” grille and an elongated C-shaped side line that emphasizes the 4.67-meter length of the car. At the rear, you can see a new stretched continuous headlamp and an extremely large diffuser.

After all, aerodynamics has become one of the main points for the Bugatti Tourbillon developers: reducing air resistance, increasing downforce. In addition, the hypercar features a monocoque made of the new T800 carbon-composite material, as well as an aluminum suspension with levers printed using 3D technology, which made it possible to lighten the suspension parts by 45%.

However, the most interesting element of the Bugatti Tourbillon’s design is, of course, its engine. The 8-liter atmospheric V16 gasoline engine develops 1000 hp on its own, which is sent to the rear wheels through an 8-speed robotic transmission. In addition, three electric motors add another 800 hp – two separate motors to drive the front wheels and one auxiliary motor mounted in the gearbox to drive the rear wheels.

In total, we have 1800 hp, acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.0 seconds and acceleration to 400 km/h within 25 seconds, a top speed of 400 km/h or even 445 km/h with a special “unlimited” key. At the same time, the hybrid’s 25 kWh battery pack allows for a range of up to 60 km on electric power.

Finally, the interior of the Bugatti Tourbillon is worth mentioning. What immediately catches your eye is the absence of a display and the steering wheel with an integrated dashboard.

In fact, there is a display in the Bugatti Tourbillon cabin, but it only comes out when necessary: for example, when you need the image from the rearview camera. Adjusting the sound volume or climate control temperature is done with separate rotary rings. As for the instrument panel, it is analog and looks like a precious chronograph watch. The instrument cluster is mounted on a fixed steering wheel column with the EB logo, and the steering wheel itself rotates around this column.

A car dream in the form of a Bugatti Tourbillon will cost a lot – the price starts at 3.8 million euros and can increase significantly with individualization programs. The first Bugatti Tourbillon cars will be ready for customers in 2026. Only 250 copies of the Bugatti Tourbillon are planned to be produced. And we can be sure that by 2026, all of them will be booked.