In the new Windows 11 Insider Preview update, Microsoft has made Copilot less functional. Now, the chatbot will run as a progressive web program and will not be fully integrated into the system as before. This was reported by The Verge.

“As part of this update, we’re also evolving the Copilot** experience on Windows as an app that will be pinned to the taskbar. This enables users to get the benefits of a traditional app experience, including the ability to resize, move, and snap the window – feedback we’ve heard from users throughout the preview of Copilot in Windows. This model also allows Microsoft to more agilely develop and optimize the experience based on user feedback,” the company’s blog says.

Running a chatbot as a progressive web application removes many useful functions that it could perform at the system level, such as searching for settings or files. Microsoft has not yet commented on why it decided to launch the chatbot as a progressive web program.

In addition, the company has also removed the Win + C key combination to launch the chatbot in favor of a separate Copilot button that is starting to appear in new laptops.

These changes have so far taken effect in Windows 11 Insider Preview 22635.3785 (KB5039319), and users of the stable version of the operating system will still be able to use the chatbot without any changes.