Bureau of Contacts is a cooperative horror in the best traditions of Phasmophobia. But this game is very different. Players will be opposed by a neural network that will act as an invisible director of all events.

It will observe, listen, and evaluate players to prepare them for the challenge they are least prepared for. The neural network will also be responsible for generating levels within the prepared assets.

Players in the role of agents of the Bureau of Contacts will have to investigate the sites of paranormal events, find information about the ghost and how to defeat it.

The game will also use a microphone, which means that you will have to communicate with ghosts and watch what you say to your teammates in the game, because the neural network will listen to you.

MiroWin Studio is no longer a newcomer to the industry and has 7 released games, 6 of which are for VR headsets.

Bureau of Contacts is available for early access on Steam. This way, the developers want to collect feedback from the most interested part of the audience. The full release is scheduled for 2025.

The developers are planning to add new locations, tools, ghosts, character customization, a skill tree, and possibly VR support.

The current version already has: 1 location with a task generator, single- and multiplayer modes, 3 types of ghosts, a wide range of general-purpose and self-defense items, exorcism mechanics, a player progression system, and voice chat.