Google really wants users to use YouTube Premium, so it’s trying hard to bypass and defeat third-party ad-blocking tools. But at the same time, the company doesn’t want its users to save money on YouTube Premium, so it’s starting to cancel subscriptions that were obtained through other countries.

Reddit user Alopez1024 wrote that his subscription was canceled without further explanation. In the subsequent discussion, other commenters said they had experienced the same problem and concluded that it was all the fault of the VPN.

YouTube Premium, bought via VPN, is starting to disappear

In order to buy a subscription cheaper than Google offers it in the country of individual users, they used VPNs to choose countries where it costs less, including Ukraine. In Ukraine, the subscription costs only 99 hryvnias, or about $2.5, which is much cheaper than $13.99 in the US.

“My YouTube premium subscription through Ukraine was cancelled. I tried to renew using the same Revolut debit card I always use, and now it asks for a card with an address in the subscribing country,” wrote the user jessepower13.

The user waaa7sh also said that he received an email from YouTube stating that his “country of registration is incorrect” along with a link to update his subscription.