Meta is reorganizing the hardware division of Reality Labs. Its staff will be divided into 2 teams: Metaverse and Wearables. In the process, some employees were laid off. This was reported by The Verge.

The Metaverse division will deal with Quest VR headsets and the Horizon virtual social network. Wearables will cover the rest of Meta’s AR equipment, including Ray-Ban smartphones.

The exact number of laid-off employees was not disclosed, but according to anonymous sources, the layoffs included employees in management positions.

In an internal email to employees, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth reports that Ray-Ban glasses have been unexpectedly successful. He also writes that the company is searching for the best product to introduce users to artificial intelligence.

“We now have the market-leading AI device on the market, and we are redoubling our efforts to find a strong product market suitable for wearable Meta AI, build a business around it, and expand our audience,” Bosworth writes. “Our north star – the seamless overlay of digital content on the physical world – remains the same, but the progress along the way is surprising.”