On November 7, the Ukrainian feature film Bucha will be released in wide release. The film aims to tell the world about the tragedy that Ukrainians suffered during the Russian invasion.

The main character in the story will be a citizen of Kazakhstan who was granted asylum in Ukraine in 2019 and saved more than 200 Ukrainians from the occupied territories.

The film stars well-known Ukrainian actors such as Viacheslav Dovzhenko, Artemiy Yegorov, Serhiy Strelnikov, Kateryna Olos, Anastasia Nesterenko, Daniel Salema and many others. The lead role was played by the famous Polish actor Cezary Lukaszewicz.

The film Bucha was directed by Stanislav Tiunov, for whom this is his debut project as a director. The screenwriter and producer is Oleksandr Shchur.

“Representatives of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine helped us a lot while working on the film. They advised us, provided us with photos and videos, familiarized us with the texts of intercepted conversations of the Russian military, and intelligence data. We used all this in the movie,” says Oleksandr Shchur.

The film Bucha was created thanks to investments from individuals from Ukraine, Poland, Canada and the United States.