The recently announced watchOS 11 includes a number of new features, which we discussed in this article. In particular, Apple has introduced new health and fitness features, as well as expanded customization options for Apple Watch. However, the company did not reveal some changes during WWDC 2024.

For example, the ability to change the ringtone on Apple Watch. The call function has been available on smartwatches since the very first model, but users had to put up with the standard ringtone.

In the watchOS 11 beta, as many as eight ringtones are available: Pebbles (ringtone from LTE versions of Apple Watch), Focus, Jingle (original ringtone), Nighthawk, Transmit, Twirl, Windup, and Wonder.

In addition, users can change the ringtone for text messages, email, calendar, reminders, and regular notifications. Available options: Resonate, Brilliant, Cheer, Flutter, Globe, Moment, Scoop, Timekeeper, and Tinker.

Unfortunately, you can’t yet set ringtones for individual contacts or download ringtones from the iTunes Store.

Another new feature in watchOS 11 that users have noticed is automatic daytime sleep tracking. So now, if you doze off for a little while and don’t turn on Sleep Mode beforehand, Apple Watch will be able to record your sleep and enter the relevant data into the Sleep app.

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