Sex bots with AI are almost a must-have attribute of any cyberpunk work, and it seems that the first of these bots will soon be on sale. Starpery Technology, a Chinese manufacturer of realistic sex dolls, is preparing to present the first AI doll based on a large speech model this year. This was reported by South China Morning Post.

Starpery Technology, is currently training its own large language model like ChatGPT to improve its products with artificial intelligence. New sex dolls with unprecedented capabilities in male and female form will soon hit the shelves.

“We are developing a next-generation sex doll that can interact with users by voice and physically, and prototypes are expected as early as August this year,” said Evan Li, the company’s CEO.

“Technological challenges remain, especially in achieving realistic human interaction. Although it seems easy to implement a simple dialog, creating interactive responses requires the development of a complex model by specialized development companies,” added Mr. Li.

Traditional sex dolls, which have a metal skeleton and a realistic silicone body, are limited to simple responses and lack the expressive capabilities needed to communicate with humans.

“The new generation of AI-powered and sensor-equipped sex dolls can respond with both movement and voice, greatly enhancing the user experience by focusing on emotional connection rather than just basic conversational abilities,” Li said.

In addition to sex bots, Starpery Technology plans to develop robots capable of performing household tasks, helping people with disabilities, and providing care for the elderly. By 2025, the company wants to release its first “smart service robot” capable of providing more complex services to people with disabilities. According to the company’s plan, by 2030, these robots will be able to take over some of the work that is dangerous for humans.

It looks like the world of Detroit: Become Human is closer than we thought.