Linux 6.10 introduces a new type of notification for displaying errors in DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) drivers, similar to the blue screen of death for critical errors in Windows. This was reported by Phoronix.

One of Red Hat’s engineers published a photo on Mastodon of how a similar error looks like on a BeaglePlay single-board computer.

Linux gets its own blue screen of death

In the future, these messages may be expanded with additional information, such as a QR code and other means to provide users with more technical information about the error.

The developers are also working to extend error message support to other drivers in future kernel updates.

In Linux 6.10+, on platforms that support DRM Panic, the new error screen feature can be tested with the following route command: echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger.

In addition, 6.10 also includes support for DRM and KMS drivers for SimpleDRM, MGAG200, IMX, and AST.