Valve has been sued in the UK. In a class action lawsuit, the company is accused of abusing its market position and overcharging 14 million players. This was reported by VGC.

Digital rights campaigner Vicki Shotbolt has filed a £656 million ($839 million) lawsuit on behalf of 14 million PC gamers with the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

“We believe Valve Corporation has been unfairly shutting out competition for PC games and in-game content, which has meant that UK customers have paid too much for these products,” says Shotbolt.

She also accuses the company of forcing game publishers to sign agreements that dictated the minimum price at which they could sell their games on competitive platforms.

The class action lawsuit is being brought on behalf of all players in the UK who have purchased games or add-ons since June 5, 2018, except for those who choose to opt out.

If the lawsuit is successful, each member of the class action could receive compensation ranging from £22 to £44.