The U.S. Treasury Department has banned the provision of software and IT services to any person located in Russia. This was reported in an official statement by the department.

“In coordination with the U.S. Department of Commerce and in line with G7 efforts to disrupt the Russian military-industrial base’s reliance on foreign IT systems, Treasury has taken steps to restrict the Russian military-industrial base’s access to certain software and IT-related services,” the statement said.

According to the new decision, it will be prohibited:

  • Provide IT consulting and design services;
  • Provide IT support services and cloud services for enterprise management software, as well as design and manufacturing software.

At the same time, the agency clarified that the ban will not apply to certain transactions, including those related to certain humanitarian, telecommunications, and Internet transactions.

According to the US Treasury Department, this decision will come into force on September 12, 2024.