Turkish police have arrested a student on charges of developing a sophisticated scheme that used AI and hidden devices to cheat on an exam, Ars Technica reports.

The student’s identity has not been disclosed, and he is reportedly in jail awaiting trial. The incident took place in the city of Isparta during the TYT exam.

The TYT is a nationwide exam that determines a person’s eligibility for university studies in Turkey. Cheating on the exam is a serious offense.

According to police reports, the student used a camera disguised as a button on his shirt, connected to artificial intelligence software via a modem hidden in the sole of his shoe.

The device scanned the exam questions. Artificial intelligence generated answers to the questions and voiced them through the headphone. It is not specified which neuromodel the student used.

The police of Isparta published a video demonstrating how the scheme works. In the video, a police officer scans a question, and an AI program gives the correct answer through an earpiece.

In addition to the student, Turkish police detained another person who helped him during the exam. The police found a smartphone, which was allegedly used by the participants in the scheme to keep in touch.