Google has agreed with NV Energy to provide its data centers in Nevada (USA) with geothermal energy. This was reported by Reuters.

The agreement is now being submitted to state utility regulators for approval.

It is expected to increase the amount of geothermal energy injected into the local grid for Google’s operations from 3.5 MW to 115 MW in about six years. For comparison, 1 MW is enough to meet the demand of about 750 homes.

The deal comes at a time when the world’s largest tech companies are looking for massive amounts of electricity to power their rapidly growing data centers, which are needed to support technologies such as generative artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

The partnership advances Google’s goal of becoming fully clean energy by 2030.

This year, Google announced plans to spend at least $4 billion to build or expand data centers in Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia.

Last year, the US launched a geothermal project that will power Google’s data centers.