Google is inviting people interested in machine learning to a two-week Kaggle competition, where they will be able to practice their skills on real or near-real tasks. You can register here.

Kaggle is a competition platform where data scientists from all over the world come together to showcase their skills and earn rewards. You can also find and publish datasets, explore and build models, collaborate with other data scientists and ML engineers, and simply learn.

Who can participate in the competition?

  • People who are interested in ML and want to put their skills into practice;
  • Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence;
  • Specialists with knowledge of Python;
  • Experienced IT professionals who want to test themselves in the field of machine learning;
  • Students of technical specialties who want to gain practical experience in this field.

Whether you’re an experienced AI researcher, a student looking for an internship, or just interested in machine learning, this is your chance to test your knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits of participating in Kaggle competitions?

  • New practical skills;
  • Portfolio additions;
  • Working with deadlines;
  • Feedback from experts;
  • Meet other professionals;
  • The first 50 participants who demonstrate the best results in the competition will receive awards.

    To take part in the competition, you need to register on the website Kaggle competition by Google and on the platform Kaggle; join the competition on June 17 using the link in the email you will receive after registration.

    Register now to be among the first to receive a link to the competition!