There is already a meme in the automotive community that says “we made a display within a display…”; but ZF has decided to take it a step further – and it could even lead to a display in the center of the steering wheel!

However, this required changing the shape and placement of the driver’s airbag. According to ZF, the “inflatable air bag” will now be hidden in the upper part of the steering wheel, and when opened, it must pass between the center part and the rim to be fixed in the correct position.

All in order to free up space in the center of the steering wheel. After all, today’s steering wheels contain more and more controls – and the spokes may simply run out of space. Unloading the center of the steering wheel will allow you to install additional controls or even an additional display for the driver!

At the moment, this airbag is just a concept from ZF, which requires additional research and cost calculations before it can be introduced into series production. But if this happens, then production cars could get a steering wheel almost like a Formula 1 race car.