Apple is planning to introduce a new security feature in iOS 18 that will allow users to set a password for system applications on the iPhone, or open them via Face ID and Touch ID. This innovation will be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC conference on Monday, MacRumors reports.

The new feature will allow users to lock iPhone’s built-in apps such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, Safari, and Settings. Unlocking these apps will require authentication with a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

But it has not yet been confirmed whether this feature will be available for third-party applications. It is possible that Apple will limit itself to system apps, which will make them more attractive to users who want more privacy.

Apple already allows you to protect certain content in apps with Face ID, Touch ID, or a password. Examples include notes in the Notes app and photos in the Recently Deleted and Hidden albums in the Photos app. A new feature in iOS 18 will expand this capability by allowing you to lock entire apps even if the iPhone itself is unlocked.

Apple will officially present iOS 18 during the WWDC conference. It is expected that after the announcement, the first beta version of iOS 18 will be available for participants of the Apple Developer Program. The final release of iOS 18 is expected in September.