The new artificial intelligence features of Copilot on Windows, such as Auto Super Resolution or Recall, will not be exclusive to Qualcomm. Intel’s Lunar Lake and AMD’s Strix Point chips will also have enough performance to work with AI. But it is reported that these features will not be supported at launch. This was reported by The Verge.

Laptops with Intel and AMD chips will require software updates. It is possible that these updates will appear next year.

Microsoft marketing manager James Howell notes that computers with Intel Lunar Lake and AMD Strix meet the requirements for Copilot+ hardware. The company is working closely with manufacturers to provide Copilot+ users with free updates “when available”.

Intel’s public relations manager Thomas Hannaford is also careful to note that Lunar Lake will receive Copilot+ capabilities through an update “when it becomes available.”

AMD PR manager Matthew Hurwitz provided the most clarity, saying that the company expects Copilot+ to be available by the end of 2024.

Intel and Microsoft are still avoiding clear statements on when exactly Microsoft’s AI features will appear on Lunar Lake computers.