Thales has announced a new concept of passwordless authentication for corporate users in the form of the Passwordless 360° security platform. This was reported by TechRadar.

The new capabilities will allow businesses to take advantage of some of the latest and most secure technologies, such as FIDO keys. Passwordless authentication features help protect businesses from many risks such as password theft and phishing.

The Passwordless 360° platform provides organizations with the ability to use passwordless authentication on work, personal, legacy, and web devices. This eliminates the need for password generators and prevents cybersecurity breaches that some employees may commit by using multiple passwords that they have to memorize. Using a single solution across multiple platforms also helps to reduce costs.

In collaboration with OneWelcome Identity Platform, Passwordless 360° allows organizations to use keys, passwordless login, and SafeNet FIDO Key Manager for key management. The platform also has a FIDO Authenticator Lifecycle Management tool that allows businesses to track FIDO tokens in their system.

KuppingerCole analyst Alejandro Leal commented on the announcement of the new platform. He says that Thales offers a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to improve their identity management practices, adapt to evolving technologies, and effectively protect their data.