ASUS has expanded its ROG line of gaming devices with a somewhat unusual novelty, offering an uninterruptible power supply for gaming systems. The first mention of the ROG Mjolnir appeared in early April this year, and many users initially took the information about the preparation of such a device as nothing more than an April Fools’ joke. The developers even had to separately inform about the seriousness of their intentions regarding the stylized UPS, assuring that the announcement on the “day of jokes” was just a coincidence. However, visitors to Computex 2024 could already see the practical implementation of ROG Mjolnir with their own eyes.

ROG Mjolnir functions

You can’t call a product of the usual rectangular shape ROG Mjolnir, but if you equip the UPS with a magnetized flashlight that looks like a handle, it’s much easier to associate the device with the famous Thor’s hammer. So the name takes on a completely different meaning. Returning from mythology to technical specifications, we note that ROG Mjolnir has a LiFePo4 battery with a capacity of 768 Wh and a peak power of up to 1200 W.

ASUS developers assure that the source’s capabilities will be enough for at least 1 hour of active gaming on a PC with a GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card. It is worth reminding that the TDP of this model is 320 W. So a lot will depend on the overall configuration of the platform.

The switching speed to battery operation is 10 ms. The UPS is equipped with USB Type-C ports with a power transfer capacity of up to 100W. The photo also shows a pair of USB Type-A connectors with a capacity of up to 18W.

The ROG Mjolnir has the ability to wirelessly charge mobile devices via Qi 2.0 and is MagSafe compatible. It also supports charging the UPS itself from solar panels.

ASUS ROG Mjolnir - portable uninterruptible power supply for gaming PCs

The station is equipped with an LED indicator showing the current power consumption and the estimated operating time of the connected device. A flashlight with a magnetized attachment will allow you to additionally illuminate the room during a power outage.

Unfortunately, such charging stations have already become quite commonplace in Ukraine. So, of course, the expansion of the range of such uninterruptible power supplies is welcome, although in our conditions they are unlikely to be used for gaming systems. Anyway, the brand’s fans will have to wait a little longer – the launch date and the recommended price of Möllnir have not yet been disclosed.