Usually, on Friday, we prepare news about an exclusive, interesting, attractive supercar, but this time the topic will be an electric crossover. However, it is very important because it is the new Jeep Wagoneer S, which was announced quite a while ago but is only now being presented in production.

The design of the new Jeep Wagoneer S has been clear since the concept: the format of a rather large 4.89-meter crossover, a backlit grille, traditional trapezoidal wheel arches. But the roof slope is unconventional – it literally slopes down and goes under a large wing on the trunk lid. All in order to get the best aerodynamic performance: the Jeep Wagoneer S crossover boasts a Cd value of 0.29, which is very low.

Why is it so important? For an electric vehicle, aerodynamics is one of the keys to achieving a long range. And the new Jeep Wagoneer S promises a range of about 300 miles (or about 480 km) on a single full charge of the 100 kWh battery.

The Jeep Wagoneer S crossover also promises high power and 4×4 all-wheel drive: two electric motors rotate the front/rear wheels and deliver a total of 447 kW (or 600 hp) of power and 837 Nm of torque. The result is 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of around 200 km/h.

And all this is available to the driver and passengers sitting in a luxurious 5-seater cabin with a triple display with a total diagonal of 45 inches (three displays 12.3 + 12.3 + 10.25 inches), heated/ventilated all seats and a premium McIntosh audio system.

Finally, the last item in the story of the new Jeep Wagoneer S electric vehicle: along with the production model, the Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept was also presented.

Currently, it is being tested as a concept, but based on the experience of other Jeep models, we can expect a production version. After all, the number of changes is relatively small, and the format of these changes has already been tested: off-road tires and special wheels, strong protective plates and towing hooks, an additional ROCK mode and a rear differential lock.

The Jeep Wagoneer S electric vehicle starts its “career” in the US and Canada, but will be offered in other countries later, as it is intended to become a global vehicle. The exact characteristics and cost of the Jeep Wagoneer S electric vehicle in the specifications for European markets will be announced later. However, the estimated cost for the US market is already known – from $72 thousand.