Google has introduced the Fitbit Ace LTE, the first of its kind connected smartwatch for children aged 7 and up that “turns exercise into play” and features calls, messaging, and the ability to share a child’s location with parents.

The watch is designed to diversify children’s activities with various interactive 3D games on the wrist. Each game for Ace LTE is created specifically for this device and uses tactile sensations, sounds, accelerometer to provide a fun gameplay for children.

The more active the child is, the more rewards they will receive. In addition, Google has also developed a new algorithm to better track physical activity.

“We worked with leading, independent experts in child psychology, public health, privacy and digital wellbeing to design Fitbit Ace LTE to be fun, safe and helpful,” the announcement says.

To ensure safety, locations and activity information from the child’s watch will be available only to parents. In addition, location information will be automatically deleted after 24 hours and activity data after 35 days. The watch also has no ads or third-party applications, and only parents can add contacts.

Google introduced Fitbit Ace LTE - a smartwatch for children

Fitbit Ace LTE will also have 6 different watch bands that work like cartridges. Each band has built-in technologies that unlock new items, designs, styles, and more. More will be released in the future.

Among other things, the watch has water protection and a battery that will provide more than 16 hours of operation. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and a protective cover will also be included.

Google introduced Fitbit Ace LTE - a smartwatch for children

The watch will not require a separate SIM card, but will have a subscription, the Fitbit Ace Pass, which will cost $9.99 per month. The watch itself costs $299.95 and can be ordered from the Google Store or Amazon starting June 5.