Arm has announced the development of a new generation of CPUs and GPUs for flagship smartphones: Cortex-X925 CPU and Immortalis G925 GPU, The Verge reports.

Both processors are the direct successors to the Cortex-X4 and Immortalis G720, which currently run on the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip in flagship smartphones such as the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro and Oppo Find X7.

The company claims that the single-core performance of the X925 is 36% higher than that of the X4 (when tested in Geekbench). Arm claims that this increased the performance of AI workloads by 41%.

The Cortex-X925 also brings with it a new generation of Cortex-A microarchitectures (“small” cores): Cortex-A725, which according to Arm has 35% better performance than the previous generation A720 and 15% more energy efficient than the Cortex-A520.

The new Immortalis G925 GPU does not disappoint either. The company claims it is Arm’s “most productive and efficient GPU” to date.

The Immortalis G925 is 37% faster in graphics applications compared to the previous generation G720. Its ray tracing performance is 52% faster, and the processor supports Lumen technology with Unreal Engine 5.

Performance under AI and machine learning workloads has also increased by 34%. At the same time, the processor is 30% more energy efficient than the previous Immortalis G720 model.

Arm will offer manufacturers its “optimized layouts” of the new CPU and GPU. It will be easier for manufacturers to implement the new system-on-chip (SoC).

The company notes that this new physical realization solution will help other companies bring their devices to market faster. Arm expects that new smartphones with the new core design will be available in late 2024, but does not specify which companies.

Currently, not many smartphones use Cortex and Immortalis processors together. It is more common to see Cortex paired with another GPU in mobile chips, such as Samsung’s Exynos 2400.