The Internet Archive is under constant DDoS attacks. The official account of the service in X reported that the attacks have been going on since May 24 to this day. This was reported by PCMag.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit and non-profit organization that considers its mission to preserve information on the vast Internet. The company is based in California, USA.

The organization said that it has made some changes to its service, but has not yet shared any additional information about the identity of the attackers or any possible reasons for the attack.

After the Internet Archive reported that its services had been restored and were working, many X users claimed that the site was still down for them. The non-profit organization later confirmed that the DDoS attacks had resumed.

The Internet Archive also reported problems with network traffic on its website. The organization’s founder and chairman, Brewster Kahle, said the problems were caused by a DDoS attack. He also added that the site tends to experience more technical problems on weekends.

In addition to cyberattacks, the archive has also faced a number of lawsuits in the past years. In 2020, major American book publishers sued a nonprofit organization over the distribution of books, accusing it of copyright infringement.

The judge ruled that the program infringes on the copyright of the publishers. However, the non-profit organization continues to argue that “controlled digital placement” is fair use.