Ukrainian studio RetroStyle Games has recently released a new roguelike game Codename: Ocean Keeper. Now the game’s page is available on Steam, where it can be added to your favorites, and a demo of the game will be available during the June New Releases Festival, which starts on June 10.

Ocean Keeper is a roguelike survival game in which you play as a team of space pirates who discover the secrets of an underwater planet in order to obtain an ancient artifact. In the game, you will have to fight enemies, extract useful resources for your upgrades, and “unearth” the secrets that are hidden behind the history of the planet.

The developers say that players will need to find a balance between collecting resources and protecting their robot if they want to survive as long as possible. Strategic decisions and survival skills will be key to this.

Ocean Keeper, a new game from the Ukrainian studio RetroStyle Games, is announced

You will also need to manage a variety of mechanisms that are adapted to different game styles, explore the ocean in search of valuable resources that can be used to improve robots, weapons, and diggers, and prepare for the monster invasion in every way possible.

Ocean Keeper, a new game from the Ukrainian studio RetroStyle Games, is announced

RetroStyle Games is planning to release Ocean Keeper on PC and SteamDeck, with iOS and Android versions planned. Later, the studio wants to release the game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

RetroStyle Games is a company whose team develops 2D and 3D games for clients of all sizes from around the world. The team also invites players to join the Discord channel, where they will share more about the development and communicate with the community.