Samsung is adding a set of Galaxy AI-based features to the Galaxy Watch, improving health-related functionality.

Energy Score helps users to better understand their own health through a combined analysis of personal indicators. This includes the average sleep duration, its stability, consistency of falling asleep/waking up, sleep time, previous day’s activity, sleep heart rate, and heart rate variability.

A set of Galaxy AI functions will appear in Galaxy Watch

Samsung is also improving its AI algorithms for sleep. Newly added indicators for Sleep Insights will provide more detailed and accurate analysis of sleep quality. These additional indicators include sleep mobility, sleep disturbances, heart rate, and respiration.

New fitness features offer measurements of physical capabilities for more personalized training. In addition to the five running intensity levels in the personal health zone, new detailed aerobic threshold (AT)/anaerobic threshold (AnT) heart rate zone indicators support efficient running and also quickly analyze training effectiveness.

Cyclists will also be able to easily calculate functional threshold power (FTP) in just 10 minutes and train using a personalized power index based on AI data analysis.

Another new feature for the Galaxy Watch, Wellness Tips, will help you achieve your personal goals for a healthier lifestyle by offering ideas, motivational tips and recommendations based on your specific goal.

A set of Galaxy AI functions will appear in Galaxy Watch

The new Workout Routine training program allows you to combine different exercises for a personalized workout and seamlessly move on to the next exercise without stopping. And the Race feature will help you track your progress while running or cycling and compare your results.

These new features will be available in the next Galaxy Watch lineup with the One UI 6 Watch update coming later this year.