Lancia’s future is looking increasingly optimistic. Following the recent launch of the new generation of the Lancia Ypsilon, it is now time for the debut of its sporty version, the Lancia Ypsilon HF. Although it was not without certain “buts”…

The bottom line is that the new Lancia Ypsilon HF hot hatch is an electric car! But an unusual one: a powerful 240-horsepower (176 kW) electric motor, new wheels and a front bumper with a wide dark insert, and sports seats and a steering wheel with the branded HF logo adorn the interior of the Lancia Ypsilon HF model.

The full technical specifications of the new Lancia Ypsilon HF are currently unknown, but it is expected to use a 54 kWh battery (which should provide 350-400 km of range at a quiet pace) and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. In addition, you can count on a wider track, wide tires, stiff suspension, and reduced ground clearance – all to improve stability and handling.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the Lancia Ypsilon HF, information about the Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF rally car also appeared. However, the number “4” in the name is somewhat misleading: it is not about four-wheel drive, but about the rally class. And the further away from the top WRC class, the easier it is.

So, the Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF rally car gets a small 1.2-liter engine with a capacity of 215 hp, which rotates the front wheels exclusively. Plus a 5-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential. After all, the main goal of Lancia Ypsilon Rally 4 HF and the Rally 4 class in general is to make racing easier and more accessible for fans and not very rich teams, it’s like the beginning of a career.

As you can see, there were some “buts” in both cases. At the same time, both cases confirm that Lancia is actively developing and wants to live!