If you have such a large Steam library that it will take several generations to complete, you might want to hurry up, as Valve does not allow inheritance of accounts.

User delete12345 on ResetEra published a post with screenshots from his conversation with Steam support, where he asked if he could pass his account in his will after his death.

“Unfortunately, Steam accounts and games are non-transferable. Steam Support can’t provide someone else with access to the account or merge its contents with another account. I regret to inform you that your Steam account cannot be transferred via a will,” says the response to the user.

Of course, there are always workarounds. For example, in the comments under the user’s post, they have already come to the simplest conclusion – to leave the login and password, so that your successor can simply change the payment information and continue to clear the game library collected over the years.

It’s also not yet known how the family mode feature will work, which recently received an update. It allows you to share your library of games with other users, so it may allow you to transfer your library to others, but not your inventory and other things from your account.

However, even this is not a guaranteed solution, as an account that has been used for longer than any one person can live may raise concerns from Valve, who may start to check and potentially restrict access to the account.

Perhaps Valve will reconsider its policy on this issue, as accounts with thousands of games, high levels, and large inventories of various cosmetic items can be worth thousands of dollars, which falls well within the valuable legacy.