Recently, there was information about the appearance of a new generation RAM 1200 pickup truck. The news may not have been of much interest to Ukraine, but a study by MOTOR1 reveals the hidden nuances of the new model.

Take a close look at the photos: you can immediately see that the RAM 1200 pickup is a minimally modified FIAT Titato, which is a modified version of the Peugeot Landtrek, which is the twin brother of the Chinese Changang Kaicene F70 pickup. This is an example of globalization! Changes for all models are minimal and usually limited to logos, grilles, wheels, etc.

The RAM 1200 pickup truck will be offered with a single-row or double-row cab, as well as in several configurations – a simple work version with black bumpers and steel wheels, more expensive versions with painted bumpers, chrome trim, alloy wheels, etc. You will also be able to choose a transmission: manual or automatic, rear or all-wheel drive.

As for the engine, only one is expected – a 2.4-liter 210-horsepower turbo gasoline engine. Although in Ukraine, the related Peugeot Landtrek pickup is offered with a diesel engine. By the way, there is an interesting question: should we expect the appearance of FIAT Titato (and now RAM 1200) clone pickups on the Ukrainian market and do we need it at all?