iFixit is ending its cooperation with Samsung. The company said that it and Samsung could not find a common language and their cooperation ends on June 17. This was reported by iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens to The Verge.

Wiens said that, in his opinion, Samsung is not interested in making self-repair of user devices truly massive.

One of the limitations of this partnership was the limit of seven purchases in three months that iFixit customers could make. After the partnership is terminated, customers will be able to buy as many parts as they need.

Starting June 17, iFixit will no longer be an official distributor of third-party parts and tools for Galaxy devices. However, components and repair kits for Samsung equipment will still be sold.

Also, the iFixit website will continue to offer repair manuals for Galaxy devices, but the company will no longer collaborate with Samsung on writing them or creating new ones.

Another reason for the end of the cooperation may be Samsung’s demand that iFixit hand over its customers’ emails, purchase history of spare parts, and make customers sign a disclaimer before purchasing.

404Media reports that all service centers that officially cooperate with Samsung pass on customer information to the giant.

Last but not least, iFixit simply does not receive official parts for the latest Samsung devices – in fact, the 2022 Galaxy S22 lineup was the last one for which iFixit sells original parts.