Benchmarks developer UL Solutions has introduced two new tests: 3DMark Steel Nomad and 3DMark Steel Nomad Light.

Steel Nomad is a cross-platform graphics benchmark without ray tracing. The test is run in 4K resolution.

The benchmark is currently available on Windows and Windows-on-Arm using the DirectX 12 API and Vulkan, on Android using Vulkan, and on iOS using Metal.

The company also plans to release the benchmark on Linux.

Steel Nomad

The company reports that the average pass rate for its previous Time Spy benchmark has roughly tripled since its release in 2016. This prompted it to create a more modern benchmark that could be more in line with today’s hardware manufacturers.

3DMark Steel Nomad is available for all 3DMark users in:

To celebrate the launch of the new benchmark, 3DMark will be available at a 75% discount until May 28.