This Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed car currently has the status of a concept, but its prospects for a very real realization are already clear. However, the Mercedes PureSpeed will not become a mass-produced car – on the contrary, it opens the Mythos line, which will feature exclusively exclusive models.

What attracts attention to the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed and what makes it exclusive? First, of course, the design! The Mercedes PureSpeed concept is based on the Mercedes SL convertible, but only the main central body part and doors remain, while the rest of the details have been radically changed. For example, the front end has a pointed nose (like a shark) and a wide grille, new openwork wheels, additional aerodynamic elements, and a massive diffuser adorn the rear.

Secondly, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept has very interesting technical changes. For example, the absence of a windshield and the presence of a massive central arc are immediately noticeable – like the HALO in Formula 1 racing cars. Such associations are also evoked by the two helmets that are included in the car’s equipment. After all, unlike the 4-seater Mercedes SL, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept car is designed as a 2-seater.

The technical specifications of the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed model are currently unknown, but it is expected to use a V8 engine in the 585 hp version or even 816 hp (if it is a hybrid). The production model based on the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept is scheduled to be launched in 2025, with only 250 of these cars to be produced. There is no doubt that they will quickly find their buyers among Mercedes fans.