Microsoft has announced a new feature that will appear in the Microsoft Edge browser for business users and will allow administrators to restrict sites where screenshots can be taken. This was reported by PCWorld.

This functionality is necessary to ensure that employees do not share screenshots of confidential information with rival companies, journalists, or just family and friends.

IT administrators will be able to customize sites and pages that cannot be screenshot. However, it is not yet known whether the restrictions will apply only to the usual tools in the browser and operating system, or whether third-party tools will also stop working.

In addition, Microsoft has announced that it will now begin to force Microsoft Edge updates so that employees who have not done so for a long time will receive all the latest features, fixes, security enhancements, etc.

“The Edge management service will enable IT admins to see which devices have Edge instances that are out of date and at risk,” Microsoft said. “It will also provide mitigating controls, such as forcing a browser restart to install updates, enabling automatic browser updates or enabling enhanced security mode for added protections,” said Microsoft representatives.

The functionality that will allow administrators to force updates to their employees’ browsers will be available in the next few weeks. At the same time, the feature that prohibits taking screenshots will be released within a few months.