Ecovacs Robotics has created the Deebot T30 Pro Omni robot vacuum cleaner, which needs to be kicked on. TechRadar writes about it.

Among other features that are more familiar to the user, the robot has a quick start option called Foot Touch Control. But a simple touch won’t start it. This robot will be woken up by a good kick from the owner.

After that, the startup process takes some time while the vacuum cleaner cleans and moistens the mop heads. Once ready, the robot rolls out of the docking station and starts vacuuming and mopping the floor at the same time.

This interaction only works when the vacuum cleaner is woken up. In the same way, it is impossible to send it to charge or simply turn it off. The manufacturer has made this restriction so that the robot does not mistake accidental collisions with furniture or walls for a command from the owner and does not stop working prematurely.

In addition to the rather creative quick start function, the robot has many other features.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with advanced mapping and obstacle avoidance. It has a soft brush, and there is a comb inside the opening that removes hair and wool as the brush rotates.

ECOVACS Deebot T30 Pro Omni

Ecovacs promises that the T30 Pro Omni will clean corners better than any of its competitors thanks to its new retractable nozzles. The nozzles extend automatically when needed, as the bot has sensors on board to detect room edges and furniture legs, and then retract back when it starts moving towards a more open part of the room.

The mop’s brushes automatically raise by 9 mm to avoid carpets and rugs, although the effective gap is only about 5-7 mm, which may not be enough to protect medium- to high-pile carpets from moisture. To avoid this problem, Ecovacs has added flexible settings in the app so that users can customize the vacuum cleaner to suit their home.

Currently, the Deebot T30 Pro Omni is only available for the Australian market at a price of AU$1,799. It has also been announced in the UK.