During Microsoft Build 2024, the company announced that it will soon allow developers to create agents based on Copilot artificial intelligence that can perform automated tasks. This was reported by The Verge.

Such agents based on Copilot will no longer require constant text input and will be able to automatically perform previously specified tasks.

For example, agents will be able to monitor new emails in the mail, do data entry, and perform other tasks that employees usually do manually.

Microsoft's Copilot will start performing automated tasks

New agents will be designed to perform only those tasks that have been programmed for them. The company notes that developers will be given tools to manage agents so that they do not take on more than necessary and do not start performing other tasks unauthorizedly.

The company also assures that the use of agents should not lead to job loss, and agents will be used only to automate daily tasks.

Microsoft's Copilot will start performing automated tasks

Microsoft says that the agents are meant to relieve employees of boring tasks, not their jobs. Charles Lamanna, corporate vice president of business applications and platforms at Microsoft, says that human judgment and collaboration is an important part of work and that not all tasks can be automated.