Recently, details about Valve’s next project, Deadlock, have been spreading online. Now, well-known insider Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming has joined the discussion and told more about the project.

Deadlock will be a third-person MOBA shooter that will feature six-on-six teams. The characters that have already appeared in the alpha version include mages, robots, various creatures, and humans. There are 19 characters in total, each with their own different abilities, playstyle, and role.

Players describe the game as very similar to Dota 2 in terms of mechanics and game sessions. Here, you will also need to kill mobs and enemy characters to get the game currency – souls. They will be used to buy additional items to strengthen your character.

Souls will appear from mobs and heroes and in order to collect them, you will need to shoot them. Mobs will appear randomly across the map, and a big boss will be located in the center.

Players also said that the game has “urns of spirits” that can be placed in the center of the map to give the team more souls.

Although Tom Henderson was unable to share any footage from the game, a short video from the alpha version of the game appeared on social media.

The day before, X user GabeFollower, who first started sharing details about Deadlock, also showed some screenshots.