Adobe is adding new AI tools to Lightroom. One of them is Generative Remove, which is currently under development and available in beta, The Verge reports.

This object removal feature is powered by the Firefly artificial intelligence model. It’s available in early access on the Lightroom mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Adobe describes the feature as “Lightroom’s most powerful deletion tool yet.” It allows users to paint over unwanted objects or people in images and then delete them with the click of a button.

It’s very similar to Magic Eraser in Canva and on Google Pixel devices. The tool generates three different options to replace the deleted object, allowing users to choose the option they think looks the most natural.

Adobe Lightroom Generative Remove

The generative deletion feature is free in the beta version, after which it will likely be included in the Firefly-based generative credit system.

Generative credits are tokens for using Firefly’s artificial intelligence capabilities. Creative Cloud subscribers receive 1,000 credits per month.

When the feature goes public, it will also support Content Credentials, which adds metadata tags to images edited with Adobe’s generative AI tools.

In addition, a new AI lens blur tool is now available to all Lightroom users. The feature allows you to apply a variety of blur effects to any part of your image and automatically estimates the depth of field to make background blur look more natural.

Lens Blur works like a filter – users can apply an automatic preset or adjust specific parameters until they get the desired effect.

Adobe Lightroom Lens Blur

In this way, Adobe can attract new users to the platform who will no longer be intimidated by a complex, professional-oriented interface.