At the annual industrial exhibition Display Week 2024, TCL CSOT showed the world’s first monitor with 4K@1000 Hz video mode support, among other new products. As a reminder, currently the fastest gaming models have refresh rates of 480-540 Hz, and this is at 1080p resolution.

It may seem like this is just a “frequency race” that has gone too far, but in fact, some experts believe that the 1,000 Hz frequency will completely eliminate any motion blur, which is present to some extent even in the fastest monitors today due to the peculiarities of LCD panel image creation.

TCL introduces 4K gaming monitor with 1,000 Hz refresh rate

The manufacturer does not say when such monitors will go on sale and at what price, but it is already known that they (in addition to a super-powerful gaming PC capable of pulling such a video mode in games) will require a cable with a higher bandwidth than modern HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 2.1 can provide.

CSOT is a division of the Chinese corporation TCL Technology, which produces displays whose panels are used in TVs from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic.