TSMC, the world’s largest chipmaker based in Taiwan, has taken precautionary measures in case of a military invasion by China. This was reported by Bloomberg.

If U.S. intelligence predictions come true and China does decide to invade the island in 2027, the extreme ultraviolet lithography machines, also known as EUV, manufactured by the Dutch company ASML, at TSMC fabs could be turned off remotely.

EUV is a relatively new technology used in the semiconductor industry to make integrated circuits. The machines use high-frequency light waves to print the smallest transistors in microchips, creating chips that can be used for artificial intelligence and military applications.

Chipmaker TSMC has precautionary measures in case of China's invasion of Taiwan

The measures were necessary in part because U.S. government officials have privately expressed concern to both companies about what might happen to the fabs that produce some of the world’s most advanced chips if a Chinese invasion were to occur.

According to people in the know, ASML has the ability to remotely shut down all the machines in TSMC’s fabs. It is also reported that the Netherlands has conducted simulations of a possible invasion to better assess the risks.

Chipmaker TSMC has precautionary measures in case of China's invasion of Taiwan

EUVs are very expensive, selling for over $200 million per unit. They also require regular maintenance and upgrades. Without spare parts from ASML, these machines reportedly stop working quite quickly. Maintenance is also challenging, as the machines must be housed in clean rooms and personnel must wear special suits to avoid contamination.