BlaBlaCar is updating its “Women Only” feature, with which women can choose to ride together only with other women if they want to, and this will help them feel more comfortable. This was reported by the company’s press service.

“The Women Only feature allows women to travel only with other women if they so choose. This option makes using the platform more flexible and comfortable for women, creating an additional level of reliability. “Women Only” has existed on BlaBlaCar since the beginning of its work in Ukraine,” BlaBlaCar noted.

After the update, it became easier to publish a Women Only trip, as drivers can now activate this option directly when creating a trip. Previously, this could only be done in the advanced settings after the trip was published.

In addition, such trips are now displayed in the general feed. Previously, only women who logged in and used a special search filter could see them.

The company also added that in general, only registered users can see the “For Women Only” trip in the search results.

The decision to update the feature is explained by the needs of the BlaBlaCar community. Almost half of the active passengers on the platform are women, from whom the service received 48% of bookings in 2023.

The company promises that with the expanded feature, drivers and passengers will be able to easily enjoy the additional benefits and comfort it provides.