Belle Delphine, the same girl who in 2019 sold bath water after bathing, said she earned $90,000 in this way, but PayPal took it for themselves. This was reported by Business Insider.

The adult model decided to tell us about it after 5 years in her X. She reports that PayPal simply closed her account without any warning or explanation. The service responded to all her requests with a simple ‘sorry, nothing we can do!’

Because of her reluctance to disclose the amount she earned from selling the water from her bathtub, she decided to keep the story a secret.

After the post, PayPal was finally able to do something and reversed the decision. The company returned all the money received from the sale of water to the model.

PayPal’s policy on adult and sexual content allows the sale of physical goods such as DVDs or magazines (or cans of bath water), but only for transactions within the United States. Delphine is based in the UK.

But PayPal didn’t stop with just closing her account. At the time, PayPal’s policy allowed it to issue a $2,500 fine for each violation of its rules. Every can of bath water sold was considered a violation.

A PayPal spokesperson said that the service had revoked its $2,500 fine policy about a year ago.

It seems that because of this rule change, PayPal decided to unblock Dolphin’s funds and refund her money. But this did not happen a year ago, but only when the model made a post about it on X, which was seen by two million of her followers.

Adult content creators have been fighting with payment systems for years. In 2020, Mastercard and Visa severed their relationship with Pornhub over concerns about child sexual exploitation materials on the site.

A cryptocurrency processor for adult content called SpankPay closed after its banking partner broke off relations with it.