Apple plans to appeal the European Commission’s decision to fine the company €1.84 billion for preventing Spotify from informing its users about payment methods outside the App Store. This was reported by Bloomberg.

The company has filed a lawsuit with the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg in an attempt to overturn the Commission’s previous decision. This was reported by anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

The European Commission has already stated that it is ready to defend its previous decision in court.

At the same time, Apple refused to comment and referred to its previous statement, which said that regulators were unable to provide any evidence that its behavior harmed users.

Spotify first filed a complaint with the EU about restricting the ability to inform users of Apple devices about alternative payment methods in 2019.

In March, EU regulators ruled in favor of Spotify and issued a fine that includes a base element of €40 million and an additional €1.8 billion as a deterrent.