AMPLITUDE Studios is giving away its 4X strategy game ENDLESS Legend on Steam. You can get the game for free until 20:00 on May 23.

Legend is a fantasy turn-based 4X strategy game set within the ENDLESS setting. Other games from these developers include ENDLESS Space, a sci-fi space 4X strategy game, and Dungeon of the Endless, a roguelike about dungeon exploration.

In general, as in many other global strategies, additional paid content can radically change the gameplay. The game has 9 add-ons, players can buy them separately at an average price tag of 40 UAH, or all together for 267 UAH.

The game has 17 thousand user reviews, which are “very favorable”. Players praise the game for a new look at 4X strategy, beautiful graphics and art, and an interesting world. In addition, they note the high complexity of the game, not in terms of complexity, but in terms of the skill of the computer opponent.