The creators of Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey are preparing two more horror films about famous children’s characters – Pinocchio and Peter Pan. The films will be called Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare and Pinocchio: Unstrung and will be part of the Poohniverse.

According to Variety, Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare will tell the story of Wendy Darling. She will be played by Megan Placito, who will try to rescue her brother Michael, played by Peter DeSouza-Feigoni, from the clutches of the evil Peter Pan.

In the process, she will meet Tinkerbell, played by Kit Green, who in this distorted version of the story takes the heroine away because she is convinced that she is pixie dust.

Scott Chambers is writing and directing the project, and Reece Frake-Waterfield, who directed Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey: Blood and Honey. The film is currently shooting in the UK and is scheduled to premiere on Halloween.

Pinocchio: Unstrung will also be directed by Rhys Frake-Waterfield. According to Variety, the film will rely little on visual special effects, and the character of Pinocchio will be presented as a practical doll. Filming will begin in September, and the premiere is scheduled for January.

The movie is expected to be very graphic and bloody. In particular, one scene is described where Pinocchio will be dressed in the skin of his victim so that he can “feel like a real boy”. Frake-Waterfield also says that the movie will have a lot of killing and gore and that it will introduce Pinocchio to the Poohniverse with an explosion.

In addition, a Poohniverse movie is also planned for 2025: Monsters Assemble, an Avengers-style crossover with all the characters from Frake-Waterfield’s films.