The iFixit YouTube channel has disassembled the new iPad Pro M4 and found that Apple has simplified the process of replacing the battery. Now you only need to remove the screen to replace it, Engadget writes.

The new 13-inch iPad Pro (M4) is very thin indeed. This will inevitably make certain aspects of repairing the device even more difficult, as iFixit has confirmed in a teardown.

The new battery has a capacity of 38.99 Wh, which is slightly less than the 40.33 Wh of the 6th generation.

“For the first time in an iPad Pro, we’re able to remove the battery immediately after removing the screen,” Shahram Mokhtari says in the video.

Mokhtari notes that “immediately” is relative, as there are still a few screws and brackets to unscrew before the battery can be removed. But it’s still a significant improvement over previous generations.

On the other hand, all other components will be much harder to repair without damaging something else during disassembly. Many components are simply glued together because the new dimensions simply left no room for screws.